What is Mega Marathoners all about?

We're about folk enjoying running and achieving amazing things. We're about completion rather than competition. We're about enjoying the social side of running with mutual respect, encouragement and recognition. We're all able to achieve amazing things if we put our minds to it, things we thought were once impossible, every day people can do so much in the right environment, with hard work determination and a pat on the back and a "keep it going" mindset. That's what Mega Marathoners is about, giving people an achievable goal to reach and then recognising them when they do for the world to see how amazing they are!

Can I combine Full Marathons in to my Half Marathon total?

Yes. For your Half Marathon total you can include Full Marathons and Ultra Marathons if you wish. Likewise for your Full Marathon total you can include Ultra Marathons. So for example you've completed 17 Half Marathons, 6 Full Marathons and 2 Ultra Marathons then you are eligible for the 25 Half Marathon Medal and Shirt.

Is Mega Marathoners an EA Affiliated Running Club

No. We're not affiliated with EA and are simply an achievement running club. No First Claim, Second Claim etc, just running around in a lovely shirt or displaying funky bling!

What are the annual membership dues?

Zero. There are no annual fees. We build in the ongoing costs in to the prices for the merchandise that is available. Once you're eligible and you've purchased something you're in for life!

Do walking events count?

Yes. Mega Marathoners is totally speed neutral, as long as you complete the event, can demonstrate that you have, it counts.

What about finisher numbers at Challenge Events or Multi-Distance Events

As long as the total number of participants for all the distances reaches the minimum threshold then that counts. So for example if an event has a marathon with 15 finishers and a half marathon with 15 finishers then that counts. Or a Challenge Event has 25 starters then that counts as strictly speaking that's a friendly format ultra event.

Do "Virtual" Events Count

No. You must take part in organised events with the required minimum number of participants.

Is there an "Associate" member status?

No. 25 Half Marathons, 25 Full Marathons or 25 Ultra Marathons is going to be the minimum threshold.

Why is the Events Page divided up like that?

Full Marathons - in these events you're expected to complete 26.2 miles or you'll get a DNF.

Ultra Marathons - here you are expected to complete over 27 miles or you'll either DNF or incur the wrath of the RD as they're expecting you to do an Ultra Marathon (some lapped Ultra Marathons are serious business and often Championship events)

Challenge Events - These are a new format of long distance events created by SVN in 2014 and now much cloned by many events companies! We were inspired by two events, the Kent 50 (now run by SVN) where you could stop after any lap and receive a medal, but the problem with that was that some folk then treated that as a DNF as you hadn't done the full distance despite it being in the rules and secondly my experience at a "serious" track ultra where people "just" wanted to do a marathon and stop and were told (with much upset) that they had to do an ultra! So I thought wouldn't it be nice to have lapped events where folk could do whatever they wished distance wise, make that very clear in the format, the event name and in the positive attitude of everyone! You could do one lap, three laps, a half marathon, a full marathon an ultra marathon in the event limits and be celebrated for what you achieved no matter what! Now there must be well over 100 such events in the UK and they are brilliant as they allow folk of all abilities to take part and achieve whatever they wish to achieve!

Does the running leg of a Triathalon count?

Yes. Either as a Half Marathon, Full Marathon or Ultra Marathon depending on the distance covered of course.

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